Pig Brain Mist Blamed For Ill Workers

Slaughterhouse workers fall ill; inhalation of “pig brain mist” suspected.  While they investigate further, Quality Pork will suspend the practice of shooting compressed air into pig’s skulls to remove the brains;

“In a rapid-fire process that is noisy, smelly and bloody, severed pigs’ heads are cut up at the head table at a rate of more than 1,100 an hour. Workers slice off the cheek and snout meat, then insert a nozzle in the head and blast air inside until the light pink mush that is the brain tissue squirts out from the base of the skull.

Kruse, whose job was to remove meat from the back of the animals’ heads, said she doesn’t recall any spray or mist from the de-braining. The head-table workers were protected by safety glasses, helmets, gloves and belly guards, but none wore anything over their mouths or noses, she said.” 

Huh.  Who’d have thought such a practice might generate illnesses yet-unnamed?

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