PopTech Invitation – expires 6/30/04

Here’s the Pop!Tech invite I’m preparing to send out to everyone I’ve communicated with in the past year or so…

I’d like to invite you to explore the unfolding global renaissance with us at our eighth annual Pop!Tech, taking place October 21 – 24. As you most certainly have already heard, Pop!Tech is a hypercharged intellectual and creative weekend when we explore …

… the collision of technology and society in a way you will experience nowhere else.

This will be our eighth Pop!Tech. Following our seventh, in a splendid New York Times feature, America’s paper of record described Pop!Tech as “a gathering of innovators who are unafraid of amending the laws of nature.” Business 2.0 characterized Pop!Tech as an event that had “endured” to become one “not to miss … drawing the big names who reach for big ideas.” Attendees use descriptors such as “all-you-can eat brain food” and “life altering” when they tell us how much it has enriched them. Students change their majors, professionals change their careers, companies are born, life-changing ideas are hatched, seas boil. Except the very last part (so far, anyway.)

See the impressive early list of speakers at: www.poptech.org

We’ll be hearing from technologists, social philosophers, biomechanists, climatologists, and even an X-prize finalist. These thought leaders will not be talking about their businesses’ next fiscal quarter, or their businesses at all. They’ll be talking about the new world that is emerging before us; what the next generation, the next century, even the next ten thousand years might look like.

The caliber of people you will meet is absolutely unsurpassed. The attendee list at Pop!Tech is every bit as stunning as the speaker list, and they spend the entire weekend, presenting opportunities for quality interaction and relationship-building with the best minds in a relaxed and intimate setting. Held in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – the majestic coast of Maine during peak fall foliage – Pop!Tech brings together a vibrant community of speakers, attendees and media from the highest ranks of science, technology, business and the arts.

The 2004 program will focus on the challenges and opportunities of this New Renaissance in human science, art, industry and thought. We’ll explore such things as our evolving understanding of human nature, the role of design in the global economy, and the new political order. We’ll even get a sneak peek at the critical technologies of tomorrow.

We are standing at an incredible sociocultural crossroads – a moment of profound transformative change. While we look to the past for hints and guidance, it pales in comparison to what is unfolding before us with breathtaking speed. How we adapt, survive, grow and prosper all depends on how clearly we understand and prepare for the future. “Prepare” is not a passive term – it not only means to “get ready” – it also means “to create.” So, join us for Pop!Tech 2004, as this gathering is a preparation for our future that will also help bring it to life.

Pop!Tech is limited to a few hundred attendees. Because I am an extremely important person, I am able to offer you the lowest possible rate [$1×95] to attend Pop!Tech 2004 — a $x00 discount. By registering *now*, you’ll not only ensure that you have a ticket prior to sellout, you’ll also save $x00 off the regular rate.

This discount expires on June 30, at which point it turns into a convenient, microwavable, single-serving tray of strawberry crisp – which, while warm and delicious, won’t last anywhere near as long as Pop!Tech will (not in my house anyway).

The special link for the discount will be posted here in a bit… for now, check out the site – ping me for the discount link.

Hope to see you there

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