Pot Worse Than Terrorism

The best quote from this story might be:
“Marijuana possession remains a crime in Canada, though the government has proposed making small amounts — less than half an ounce — punishable by a citation and fine similar to a traffic ticket. U.S. officials have warned of tighter border security if Canada takes that step.”

Perhaps the best response can be borrowed from what Brian Dickerson (Detriot Free Press) said a couple months ago:

“So let me get this straight: Right now, with the nation’s foreign and domestic policymakers grimly focused on preventing the next 9/11 and security officials fretting about the ease with which terrorists might smuggle biological or chemical weapons into this country, we’re at one level of border security. But the prospect of tourists slipping across the border with a few joints in their toilet kits means we may have to kick it up a notch?”

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