President Has Asked Us To Shop Before

I hate sounding like one of these bloggers who’s out to pick on the mainstream media – I’m not. I realize these are two very different worlds. I have a lot of respect for Chris Matthews – even in his current incarnation – and Dave Schuster does a very good job with his segments. But we do have a problem here.

An old piece (~Christmas 2006) by David Schuster called out the President for his absolutely mind-numbing suggestion that Americans need to “all go shopping more.” This was just 48 hours after Matt Damon appeared on Matthews’ show criticizing Bush for failing to ask Americans to step up make a substantive contribution to their country and their society. (“Men and women are fighting this war in our name, and our President tells us to go shopping.”)

First, I agree with Damon entirely. It’s sickening, disgusting, and reinforces my belief that the President is isolated, delusional and unfit for office.  However, this is not as new as Matthews suggested. In the video clip, you’ll see that Matthews calls Damon “prophetic … it wasn’t until today I heard him say ‘go shopping’ as some sort of national call to arms.”

First and most important, as bright as Damon is, he wasn’t being prophetic. He was alluding to the same thing I am – the President stood in New York City on 9/20/2001 and encouraged our “continued participation…” in the economy. Even further, I am nearly positive I heard him in those same days offer a less subtle call to Americans to “go shopping” as a way to “help”. I contacted a couple researchers and could not find this one.. but I’m almost certain he did.

Matthews said, “in fairness to the President, I don’t think he realizes how that sounds a bit cavalier..”

Chris – I don’t think he realizes nor cares.

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