Presidential Motorcade Experiences

Here, BoiFromTroy talks about his experiences driving in Presidential motorcades as a campaign staffer. I’ve done this myself a couple of times during Clinton/Gore ’92.. what fun. As someone who’s always been into politics, fascinated by the process of dignitary protection, and having been a sport-driver since I was about 12 … these are tremendously fun experiences. What made mine especially interesting is that I did so while (unbeknownst to me) there was a warrant out for my arrest. Nothing major, but a bench warrant for failing to pay a fine on a driving violation (I thought I paid it, I swear.) Still, I do hope the Secret Service does a better job these days of vetting their drivers. Perhaps they knew about the warrant, but knew I was such a great driver that they didn’t want my little issue to get in the way. Or not. 😉

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