Republicans for Obama

I really want to push for everyone to feel that the Obama candidacy might be their best choice – Democrats, Republicans and independents – and that everyone should evaluate him regardless of their affiliation.  But it needs to be said that none have been betrayed by their “leaders” the way Republicans have.  Their party was hijacked by a few dozen neoconservative criminals, and our global reputation and economy are in tatters as a result.  The Republican party under Bush abandoned its ideals, and many Republicans are finding considerably more they like about Obama than they do about McCain.

I know more than a few smart Republicans – young and old school – who are supporting Obama.  But many of them don’t talk about it, or, if they do, not very loudly.  I hope that over the next couple of months they’ll speak a bit more loudly, because this is a candidacy that everyone should seriously consider.

Chris Matthews had Rita Hauser and Jim Leach on his show tonight.  Hauser is an attorney, former Bush fundraiser, former member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and co-founder of Republicans for Obama.  Jim Leach is a Republican former Congressman from Iowa and the current director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s JFK School of Government.

The quotes:

“Any sense of perspective has to indicate that America …  [has] diplomatically, economically, militarily been increasingly behind the eight ball for the past 4-5 years.. and the question is, do we want a new direction… rooted in historical American values, or one that might be described as aberrational, in which we attack countries that haven’t attacked us, lay plans for long-term occupation of a land where America and the West are deeply resented?  It’s time for change, and that change has to come quickly.” – Jim Leach

“I think I speak for a very large number of Republicans who did not find this [war] as normal type activity for traditional Republicans.  You fight when you are attacked and when you are seriously threatened, not go off on adventures.  McCain shows no sign of being willing to wind down our commitment in Iraq, being willing to address the problems seriously that have been caused by our commitment in Iraq – like doing the right thing in Afghanistan and Pakistan – and he says he will stay there until 2012 and 2013 and that is not acceptable to a very large number of Republicans and former Republicans who now call themselves independents.” – Rita Hauser

“There’s no question about it, [with McCain] we would have Bush 3, and I think a lot of people are very nervous about that, including a large segment of Republicans.  This war has never been paid for properly, in fact it hasn’t been accounted for – and we don’t know the extent of what it is costing and what damage it’s doing to our economy.  Republicans like to balance their books.” – Rita Hauser

Now, I know that this still isn’t translating to the polling.  I’m not sure why this is – but some of you probably have some hunches.

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