RIP, motorbike dude

There’s a dangerous intersection outside my apartment – several components of the area surrounding the intersection just beg for trouble. There are lots of accidents, it seems to average about one fatality a year.

I’m not positive, but fairly certain the guy who dumped his motorbike out in front of my apartment tonight died doing so. First I heard this sound – almost like a snowplow grinding along the pavement – then I see this light twirling around and it’s his motorcycle (and him, not too far behind) sliding down the street quite rapidly and then they each hit the guardrail in separate spots. I went out to help the dude .. but he really smacked his head and neck up on the guardrail. It was not a good situation.

Well, I hope the guy is OK, but based on what I saw I don’t think he is. RIP bro.

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