Sad, but sadly not ironic.

I know the Bush G8 open mic incident has been dissected nearly to death, but I simply can’t resist, in part because I think the mainstream media is paying attention to the wrong thing. They’re probably doing so out of necessity – after all, it show less ‘bias’ to take the “Bush Swears in open mic Summit Incident” approach rather than “Bush Shows his true self to the World” or “Bush Humilates 300 Million Americans in open mic Gaffe.”

Americans definitely need to see shit like this.

First, let’s harvest some low-hanging fruit. Even if what you said was true, sir, and it really was that simple, help me understand how it’s ironic. Or perhaps you’re confused as to what ironic means, like you were about “sovereign” that awful time with the Native Americans?

Moving on to issues of more substance, this should pain you as an American not because your President swears, or talks with his mouth full, or makes that awful smacking noise when discussing matters of grave import with European leaders. Nono – most of you probably already knew all that. Or at least you would have expected it.

What ought to pain you is to see Tony Blair trying so hard to speak in terms that Bush will understand .. that sense in his voice and mannerisms that he is tripping over himself to find a way through and into Bush’s limited mental scope. And of course, Bush isn’t listening. He’s doing what all bad listeners do – saying “yeah” a lot and interrupting constantly.

What ought to pain you is his dismissiveness about such a serious issue. What ought to pain you is his clear lack of understanding about international diplomacy (something he could have learned from his father.) What ought to pain you is how hard his press people and speechwriters must have to work to make him look like he has any intellectual sophistication whatsoever. What ought to pain you is that the Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful military has no clue what’s happening in the world – and it’s obvious he’d just as soon keep it that way.

Chris Matthews put it well on his show last night – “The President Gets Caught Being George Bush.” I know most Americans feel like they didn’t have much of a choice in 2004 – Kerry was awful and the independent candidates seemed hopeless – but this ought to be demoralizing as all hell to anyone who cares.

Should we wonder why we are so loved and admired in the world?

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