Santa Sadness, Volume II

I caused a little trouble last year with my short rant against Santa BS.  Well, we’re at it again with more schools struggling with the issue.

According to the article,

“Children as young as nine were told that only ‘small children believe in Father Christmas’.

And yesterday their parents criticised teachers for taking the ‘magic’ out of the festive period…”

The magic? Pardon me, but if the magic of the season for you hysterical parents out there is anchored to the myth of a strange man sneaking into your home at night, eating your food, and then leaving cheap Chinese goods behind, then you probably ought to be committed. Is that really what it’s about for you? Therein lies the magic?

Schools are designed to educate our children – not perpetuate mythology. Of course it’s alright to teach kids mythology in context – a great deal of our civilization is built upon it – but children are confronted with enough of their parents’ mental deficiencies without being indoctrinated with phantasm by educators.

Don’t my tax dollars subsidize enough adult fantasy (my own included) as it is?

Educators are probably taking the safe approach by saying, “I don’t know, go ask your parents.” But do they also have to do this about the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, myriad Bogeymen, the Spaghetti Monster, God, and so on? Where does it end?

Remember what I said the other day about honesty not always being the easy way?

True, it’s kinda hard to sit your kid down and tell them you’ve been lying to them. And you deserve what you get when you are confronted with this moment – whether a teacher brings it upon you or a neighborhood brat who told your kid the truth. If only it were so easy to excise the many other myths you’re packing into their pretty little heads. Children are made no better by them; the world is chock full of true love and beauty that can be shared (and be “magical”) without parents trying to relive their own flawed childhoods with their kids as a canvas.

Something I asked last year: could Santa and all these other fantasies give parents easy intellectual escapes by providing “ready-made” historical “story packages” so they are not forced to make the hard spiritual and intellectual voyages necessary to teach kids authentically?

For example, how many Santa-obsessed parents have taught their children the actual truth about Christmas?

In fact, how many parents themselves know these truths?

Well – at least I’ve finally decided what I’m getting you delusional parents for Christmas.

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  1. Anthony, as usual I am of a like mind, but is it possible to include a link to a video on youtube that isn't set to private?

  2. Anthony, as usual I am of a like mind, but is it possible to include a link to a video on youtube that isn't set to private?

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