Senate Votes To Cover Up Bush Crimes

The Senate, by its vote tonight, is conspiring to cover up crimes committed by the Bush Administration. This vote kills pending suits that would enable the judicial system to review criminal acts and orders given by the Bush Administration. Senator Clinton was in the neighborhood, but couldn’t be bothered to show up for this critical vote. Obama voted against immunity – which would have allowed these suits to go forward, rather than short-circuit the judicial process.

There is a remaining sliver of hope; that is, the House bill does not contain immunity provisions. Bush said today that there is “no reason” why the House can’t go along and that “right now, terrorists are plotting [attacks] that will make September 11th pale in comparison.” I say there is a reason, sir – it’s the fucking Constitution. Another great reason is to call your bluff on the fearmongering – which is really just a facade being used to protect your cabal from accountability.

People, there’s something you can do. Continue Chris Dodd’s fight for accountability – while his Amendment failed, we can still tell the House to stand by the RESTORE Act. There is a tool on the Dodd site there where you can contact your Rep and also petition – do this ASAP (tonight, if you can.)

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