Some Folks Are Still Flyin’ That Flag

I sometimes ask myself rather naive questions: “is race really, honestly a big issue in this election?” It’s similar to wondering how on earth people could be dumb enough to change their mind about a Presidential candidate just because she fakes emotion at a diner. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff comes down to – “are people really that dumb?

A more complicated twist on that is, “is racism really still alive and well in America?” I mean, I know it’s dying off (literally) – but does it really, still, play enough of a role in the psychology of America to make it significant in a national election? Unfortunately yes it does – and it’s more common in some geographies than others. On that note, it was a bummer to hear this voicemail left at the State in Columbia, South Carolina after they endorsed Barack Obama.

I have a lot of bright, enlightened friends who live in South Carolina. This guy is not one of them.

Here‘s the audio file.

The transcript follows:

“… I need to talk with someone to discuss the fact that y’all are supporting a black man for president of the United States. I am ASHAMED that we’ve got a newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, one of the best cities in America, and yet we’ve got a black operation supporting black candidates, that doesn’t have any more sense of being president of the United States than I do. He may be educated with a college degree, but let me tell you one thing: He has no common sense whatsoever, or you don’t either. And if you feel like calling me, go to it, girl [the message was left on the publisher’s assistant’s line]. I am disappointed and upset that we’ve got a black newspaper right here in the city of Columbia.”

Whew. I’m left wondering lots of things. Is this dude for real? He sounds it. Could there be other motivations? Is someone up to something, or are we just dealing with a colorful (pardon me) example of a good ol’ boy?

[h/t Palmetto Scoop and Brad Warthen]

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