Sorry, Mr. Robinson

A couple Senate colleagues commented today that McCain was a little prickly in the Senate from time to time. Yawn. Tonight, MSNBC’s Olbermann brought it up with Eugene Robinson, associate editor of the Washington Post.

Olbermann: “The temper allegation that was made, is that one that’s actually of substance?”

Robinson: “Oh, I think that’s the one we gotta be concerned about. You don’t want the guy with his finger on The Button to have a temper problem. In fact, you don’t want The Button anywhere near him if he goes off..”

Are you fucking kidding me? That’s the one we gotta be concerned about? Is this really a mature, substantive, realistic piece of analysis? Setting aside for a moment that there is no fucking button (people know that, right?) – is the implication really that Senator McCain could just be feeling pissed and grumpy one day, and bring forth nuclear Armageddon? Can we please have some honest discussions about the issues, not this cartoony-horse-racey-bullshit that even MSNBC is caught up in? Please? Damn.. and when poor Ron Paul dares suggest we have an honest debate about American foreign policy, guys like Robinson are the first to laugh him off.

Anyway, I’m lucky that California’s Democratic Party lets independents like me vote in their primary. I’ll be doing just that tomorrow, enthusiastically and optimistically voting for Barack Obama. His servers are having a bit of trouble right now (can’t yet decide if that’s good or bad – I guess it’s OK if it lasts a few minutes, but pretty bad if they stay hosed all night.)

I encourage you all to do the same (get out and vote for Obama, not crash your servers.)

One thought on “Sorry, Mr. Robinson”

  1. Obama > Hilary

    But indeed, poor Ron Paul.

    Of course the real issues are not easily solved, or interfere with the primary candidates agendas, so of course they are avoided at all costs, and instead they distract the media (and the media plays along) with this nonsense.

    I have given up all hope.

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