Sources: Clinton Will Not Concede Tonight; Obama To Declare Victory

Opening caveat: as I type, these conversations are in progress, so anything could transpire over the next several hours.

However, a couple of birdies have told me thus… Senator Clinton will not concede tonight. She will “acknowledge the [delegate] math” and speak highly of Senator Obama without endorsing him. Her campaign’s paychecks stop this week, so she is likely to describe it as a “suspension” while “continuing the fight” about issues important to her. The Clinton team is aggressively pushing for two things – a VP slot and money – dangling her endorsement, their contorted “popular vote” argument, and their supporters as leverage. The aggressive back-channel negotiating about money is centered on Obama helping Clinton pay her campaign debt.

Obama plans to praise her extensively, then declare victory over her. He will describe himself as the party nominee, and turn to themes of “unity” and the general election campaign against McCain.

I usually refrain from moving breaking news-type articles here, but today is a rather special day.

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