State officials use federal officials to help steamroll the voters’ will on medical marijuana

Please tell me who the humans are who think this is justice:

Federal officials are subverting California’s medical marijuana law
again, and California prosecutors are helping them do it.

After six months of pursuing the case, a California prosecutor
suddenly dropped state charges against a middle-aged couple who grew
marijuana for their own medicinal use. Then, as soon as the two were
deceived into thinking their troubles were over, federal officials —
invited by the state prosecutor — swarmed into the courtroom and
arrested the couple on federal charges.

This elaborate ruse was enacted for the sole purpose of getting around
California’s medical marijuana law. It is an outrage.

David Dean Davidson, 52, and Cynthia Barcelo Blake, 53, grew marijuana
on their own property for their own use. They had a doctor’s
recommendation to take marijuana for their illnesses. Yet they were
arrested, and Tehama County prosecutor Lynn Strom pursued a case
against them for six months. Then, in the courtroom, she suddenly
dropped the charges.

Thinking the case was dismissed, the couple’s lawyers were lured into
the judge’s chambers. While the lawyers were absent, the feds swarmed
into the courtroom and arrested Davidson and Blake on federal charges.
The lawyers were deprived of the opportunity to advise their clients
of their rights. If convicted, the couple now faces a mandatory
minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

SOURCE: Marijuana Policy Project

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