Back To The Future Too

“Various administrations have closed in gloom and weakness … but no other has closed in such paralysis and discredit (in all domestic fields) as did [President Ulysses] Grant’s. The President was without policies or popular support… half its members were utterly inexperienced, several others discredited, one was even disgraced. The personnel of the departments was largely demoralized. The party that autumn appealed for votes on the implicit ground that the next Administration would be totally unlike the one in office. In its centennial year, a year of deepest economic depression, the nation drifted almost rudderless…”

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Turley Talks Turkey

In light of these “revelations” from Scott McClellan, Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley discussing accusations against the President on Olbermann’s show tonight;

“The most obvious [accusation] would be conspiracy and obstruction of justice, to the extent to which he might have directed his subordinates. But, you know, the President is allowed to do remarkably stupid things and remarkably callous things. At a minimum, what is involved here is a serious question about the President’s credibility. This was the President who said he would fire anyone involved in the release of this type of classified information. He then found that his closest people were involved – and nobody got fired. And now we find that one of his closest aides is saying that the President was involved. That he might not have known it was untrue but he gave untrue information. But why is that? If the President wasn’t fully informed of the facts, what was the purpose of calling in a subordinate and saying ‘this is what I think happened’? We deal with that in a lot of conspiracies in corporations and we take a rather negative and dark view of that.”

Turley has also called for the transcripts of Bush and Cheney’s statements to Fitzgerald.

Call me a dreamer, but I’m still holding out hope for Congress to grow, as Maher said a couple weeks ago, ‘just one ball.’ It would be encouraging to see them roar to life and really investigate these crimes. Please encourage your member of congress (especially if you’re a Vermontster or in Michigan’s 14th) to grow or even borrow one.