My Professional Transition, Objectives, Apathy and Empathy

This is more of a “diary” entry than the usual article, so bear with me.

As many of you know, I have departed fama PR, the high-tech PR agency I helped start over four years ago. I learned a ton, worked with excellent people, served some exciting clients, and helped build an excellent business that I am proud of. However, as an entrepreneur with a short attention span, the time had come for me to start the head-clearing process and consider what might be next. I have found that a break between ventures is very good for the soul; I realize people have economic realities, but I’ve never understood how people can jump from one thing to another with any sense of clarity or direction. The time in between – for inner exploration and reflection – is precious and well worth the cost.
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Slight face lift for photography site

Gave my portfolio site a face lift tonight. Before, it looked too much like I want to do commercial photography, which I really don’t. The three princesses are a bit more apropos, because I want to try to focus specifically on fashion photography and growing into a fashion photographer.  The idea of controlling an editorial concept, casting, wardrobe, etc. etc. and telling a story that way is really fun, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of it.

Next up, maybe: putting it inside a frame, with a meta-menu up top, so that I can get a little more text functionality.

Fashion Photography Workshop

I am very, very psyched to be off to New York City tomorrow afternoon for a two-day fashion photography workshop directed by ultra-talented photographers Richard Warren and Chung Lee. It’s a small group of us amateurs learning from them for two days. It’ll be partial learning-by-watching but a large part of it is active – i.e. we will also be shooting. Sixteen models, a group of talented makeup artists, and gorgeous studio space (the 6500-square foot Proda Studios) will make for some fun. I’m hoping to learn a lot, get some nice work added to my portfolio, and return home a better photographer. I’m having lots of fun with this photography thing, but hell, as hobbies for thirtysomethings go, it’s relatively cheap…

Obviously I’ll share some images upon my return…. stay tuned.

[Update: it was awesome – here’s my attempt at being a fashion photographer.]