Carly Fiorina Is Sexist

Today on MSNBC, Carly Fiorina said that this weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit that portrayed Hillary Clinton as substantial and Sarah Palin as a moron was a “sexist” skit.  How in the hell is that sexism?  Ms. Fiorina – what credibility you had with me is out the window.  What this really does is illustrate the McCain campaign’s clumsy strategy of dismissing any criticism of Palin as “sexist”.

So, let’s talk about true sexism.

What is truly sexist is gender tokenism – you know, picking a female for your running mate whom, had she been male, would never even have been considered –  not even as a joke.  Now that‘s sexism.

You know what else is sexist, Ms. Fiorina?  Decrying anything that points out Palin’s weaknesses as “sexist” merely because it attacks a female.  Do women need special protection from criticism?  A sort of affirmative action for chicks?  A criticism-free zone for all those who have a vagina?  I mean, if you want to move our society away from real sexism, then let’s agree that men and women must stand on their merits and may be critiqued on their merits.  If you are an intellectual and geopolitical midget – as Governor Palin is – then it doesn’t matter if you are Samuel Palin or Sarah Palin.  The fact remains.

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