Frank Phillips Was A Friend of Mine…

.. and Senator, you’re no Frank Phillips.

Look – some chickenshit posing as Frank Phillips from the Boston Globe has been posting comments to my Herb Chambers posts.

I was first made aware of this when I received an e-mail from Jay Gubala, who is E-Commerce General Manager of the Herb Chambers Companies. Jay asked me to remove the posts because they contained personal telephone numbers for Mr. Chambers, and I told Jay that I would gladly remove them once the original poster asked me to. Well, it turns out that the original poster is a fraud. Frank Phillips (a friendly and decent guy) got in touch with me and explained that he had not made the posts. So, I immediately deleted them.

I’d like to extend an apology to Frank (State House reporter for the Globe) for getting sucked into this through no effort nor desire of his own.

After I deleted the comments, two interesting things happened:

1. I received a follow-up inquiry from Jay Gubala asking me when the information in Google’s search results “would be corrected”. I had to explain to Jay that I have about as much control over Google’s servers as I do over their stock price. Perhaps I misunderstood Jay, but I found it fascinating that an “E-Commerce General Manager” – even at Herb Chambers – could be so clueless about how the online world operates.

2. After I deleted them, the person returned and posted the information anonymously. I now don’t know whether to delete it or not; I will delete a comment from an imposter, because it’s dishonest. But there’s nothing dishonest about anonymity. So, while I ponder this dilemma (and seek some legal advice), the new comment remains.

This leaves out how dumb it seems to call the Globe about this. What if someone decided this was worth a story?