McCain’s End Game?

Senator McCain somewhat gracefully trying to fight a fire he and Palin started:

“I expected John McCain to be the first person on his campaign to lose patience with the character attack strategy… you can see him doing that.  He did not expect to be ending his campaign in front of audiences where he had to explain – as we just saw him do – that his opponent, the Democratic nominee, is actually a citizen of the United States and not an Arab.  This is not where John McCain wants to be…”

– Lawrence O’Donnell, on MSNBC tonight

For a moment there, I saw a glimpse of the guy who ran for Prez in 2000…

What’s Conservative About McCain?

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, speak...

Conservatives are furious.  Here’s a good Politico piece on McCain’s latest plan to bail out homegamblers with our money.  Excerpt:

“Last night, he took that position on the housing issue of buying up everybody’s mortgage,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said on Fox News. “Conservatives are scratching their heads today and saying, ‘What happened?’”

“What on earth is that about?” Huckabee asked. “Then you got to ask, which houses? The condos in southern Florida, where people bought $500,000 homes as a second home and now can’t pay for them? Are we buying those, too?”

And in perhaps the only time in history I wanted to echo the words of Michelle Malkin:

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