Senator Reid: Palin Has News For You

Looks like – if the McCain-Palin ticket wins – that Senator Reid is in for a big surprise. Because Sarah Palin says the Vice President is “in charge” of the US Senate. Golly gee, won’t that be neat!! But shucks, this is probably just more “gotcha” journalism, tryin’ to find out what a candidate knows and thinks n’ stuff…

Carly Fiorina Is Sexist

Today on MSNBC, Carly Fiorina said that this weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit that portrayed Hillary Clinton as substantial and Sarah Palin as a moron was a “sexist” skit.  How in the hell is that sexism?  Ms. Fiorina – what credibility you had with me is out the window.  What this really does is illustrate the McCain campaign’s clumsy strategy of dismissing any criticism of Palin as “sexist”.

So, let’s talk about true sexism.

What is truly sexist is gender tokenism – you know, picking a female for your running mate whom, had she been male, would never even have been considered –  not even as a joke.  Now that‘s sexism.

You know what else is sexist, Ms. Fiorina?  Decrying anything that points out Palin’s weaknesses as “sexist” merely because it attacks a female.  Do women need special protection from criticism?  A sort of affirmative action for chicks?  A criticism-free zone for all those who have a vagina?  I mean, if you want to move our society away from real sexism, then let’s agree that men and women must stand on their merits and may be critiqued on their merits.  If you are an intellectual and geopolitical midget – as Governor Palin is – then it doesn’t matter if you are Samuel Palin or Sarah Palin.  The fact remains.

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Baked Alaska, Palin Impossible

I’ve been avoiding saying much about this because it’s all so freaking hard to believe.  First, McCain stuns the world (and even his senior staff) by choosing a political nobody to be his running mate.  The gulps were loudest in the GOP, let me tell you.  Not a shred of foreign policy experience and not a moment on the national stage.  My first thought was that it was interesting, but made McCain look frightened.  As I dug deeper it became more ominous – surely he knew her?  Was familiar with her and her policy history?  Nope – he had met her once prior to offering her the gig.  But this weekend he told FOX News’ resident assface-in-chief Chris Wallace that Palin is his “soulmate.”  SeriouslyAm I dreaming this?

But I rub my eyes, and am awake to hear that his vetting team landed in Wasilla last night to check her out.  Wait – last night?  They’re vetting her now? – after the fact? So this is now looking more like what it really was – a rash, shoot from the hip act of confused desperation, and no one in the room to say, “Senator, sir, I understand your enthusiasm, but…”

McCain himself had said that his prerequisite for the VP slot was that it was someone who, “on day one,” would be ready to step in and serve as President.  Really, Senator McCain, this was the best person you could think of?  Are these the kinds of decisions you will make as a President? Continue reading Baked Alaska, Palin Impossible