Taylor: I Took An Oath To The President

I know this is old news, but fascinating nonetheless and I gave it no treatment.

Early in her testimony last month, Rove aide Sara Taylor said,

“I took an oath, and I take that oath to the President very seriously.”

This is mortifying. Did she misspeak? Or does she actually believe she took some kind of personal loyalty oath, you know, like the Wehrmacht did in the Third Reich?

No, she did not misspeak. Because when Leahy nailed her on it, she actually elucidated that she felt the oath she took has something to do with personal loyalty to King George; “I believe that taking that oath means I need to respect my service to the President.”

This is why impeachment is necessary – not because (necessarily) of who is in the White House – but because we, as a free nation, simply cannot let stand the precedents that are being set. The Constitution and the People should not be taking a back seat to the President – and you know there’s trouble when the very people taking the oaths do not understand them.

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