Howdy from the tiny old mining town of Terlingua, Texas. The place is as dusty as it is funky. I found a small cabin to stay in for a couple of days – as a base for exploring Big Bend National Park.

Terlingua has a cool ghost town – or at least a semi-ghost town. Basically the ghost town area was abandoned after the death of the mining business here – and has sort of been re-inhabited in parts. Despite planning to be offline for a few days, I’ve actually found two wi-fi spots, believe it or not. And get this – if you want a lattè with your wi-fi (two things I have a hard time starting my day without,) stop by the Terlingua Springs Market, about a mile or so from route 118 on highway 170.

And for dinner, check out the Starlight Theater – really good food, nice people, live local music – a cool little scene. I’m sitting there right now enjoying a prickly pear margarita and uploading my latest images. (See the Terlingua ghost town set and the Big Bend set, if you wish.)

The night sky is – well, it just needs to be seen to be believed. The sunsets are great, and while they seem to last all evening, ultimately the sky reveals a dome of stars like few I’ve seen in my life. Billions of stars, with the Milky Way’s band of stardust streaking across the sky … it’s breathtaking. If you watch long enough you can see some things moving – a satellite here and there, a meteorite .. it’s the kind of skygazing fun you just can’t have in the city.

Outside my cabin last night a couple of coyotes were howling away. I managed to sneak outside and record just a bit – but they went quiet when they heard me. Stage fright, I guess.

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