The Box Droid neighborhood

On Saturday I had to bring my cable box back to Comcast. They blamed the box for the fact that the whole thing doesn’t work very well. I watch very little TV, so the box has sat there malfunctioning for six months and I just haven’t cared enough to bring it back (or sit around at home and wait for a service guy) – the three channels I actually watch mostly come in fine. It’s that pesky moment when I might want to watch one of the other 200 channels when things get tricky. Anyway, winter’s almost here, and well you get the drift…

So there is this a location in Cambridge down on Sherman Street where Comcast has an outpost sort of thing. A very small office where they take payments, do box swaps, and close for an hour for lunch. (I got there, of course, during said hour. There were people camped out. When they saw me turn to leave they were aghast that I wouldn’t just WAIT – I mean, it’s only 10 more minutes. But I decided to come back when they were open.)

Anyway, it’s a residential part of Cambridge with a park and duplexes and apartments and a very small office building with three or four companies – a tiny pharmaceutical office, a small deli, and this Comcast outpost.

What really started my whole freak-out is when I returned and found myself walking past the front of an apartment and saw three or four other people within a block, all with a cable box under their arm and either wandering toward or away from the little outpost. I realized what an odd neighborhood this would be to live in. Hundreds of people a day walking past your front door or window, lugging cable boxes in and out of this weird place.

I suppose if you’d lived there for years you’d resent it a bit. It’s not exactly like the neighborhood going to hell but the neighborhood permanently transforms into some twisted Space Quest episode 9 hours each day.

Anyway, after all that, she gave me a box that won’t work with my home setup (not the right connections). So this was not an upgrade.

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