The car search is speeding up

Car hunt update.

The current short list:

  • Audi S4
  • Audi RS6 (if found within rea$on, but my recent research indicates that is unlikely)
  • BMW 545i 6-speed (would prefer AWD, though – but am going to drive one anyway – a truly great sedan)
  • BMW M5 (again, if found within rea$on, but I don’t like the electronics in the older ones [02-03] and the new ones are not out yet and way more than I want to spend)
  • Volvo S60R (would love to test drive one if just one of the dealers I’ve contacted (Dalzell, 128 Volvo, and Boston Volvo) would respond to my multiple e-mails)
  • Mercedes E500 – while a great, powerful sedan, it only comes in an auto and I fear it is too middle-agey in character. Although they look younger in person… 😉

But I am definitely accelerating the hunt. I had set a target date of February or March but I don’t think I’m going to make it… my instinct says the moment is nearing. I can practically smell the seat leather (don’t tell the dealers this). Accordingly, I will be test driving a 2005 Audi S4 tomorrow. My main worry about the S4 is reliability – I remain a little concerned as to whether Audi have pulled themselves out of their late-90s quality funk. The last few years of reliability numbers indicate that they have done so, and well. The S4 is an aggressive racer and all-around rocket ship – yet has the maturity of a stable, 4-door sedan. I like its look, its power, its stance. Originally I thought they might be too small, but sat in one a few months ago and was very impressed – seemed every bit as roomy as my i30. So, the size issue is off the table. Now, to drive one. To really drive one. I pity the sales rep, should they choose to accompany me.

Advice welcome.

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