The Draft Itinerary

My draft itinerary for the next month or two – very rough and very loose – looks something like this:

Camden, Maine for PopTech -> London -> Brussels -> Amsterdam (for Hallowe’en, I hope!) -> Copenhagen -> Krakow, Poland -> Budapest, Hungary -> Ljubjana, Slovenia -> Vienna, Austria -> Paris (but I reserve the right to love any of them enough to skip subsequent places on the itinerary…)

Then I’m back to the US to commence a nice, slow, twisty drive across the country, roughly along these lines:

Boston -> New York -> Atlantic City -> Virginia Beach -> Nags Head / Kitty Hawk -> Nashville -> Saint Louis -> Omaha -> Denver / Boulder -> Cheyenne -> Billings -> Sandpoint, Idaho -> Vancouver, BC -> Seattle -> Portland (the other one) -> San Francisco -> Los Angeles.

Ideas? Pit stops? Must sees? Do tell.

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