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  1. Re: Nikita Khruschev gets the final word here. (c) Khruschev can hardly be coenidsred any authority on the issue of nuclearism, let alone having final word on anything, especially in the 21-st century’s military paradigm. Opinions, as an example, of Yuri Solomonov, the designer of Topol and Bulava ICBMs, regarding the evolution of nuclearism in conjunction with the conventional warfare bear a lot more weight in this matter than, at best dubious, dictum from a guy, Khruschev that is, whose understanding of the realities of the warfare (as well as of many other things) was, to put it mildly, inadequate. The history preserved his dismal track record with Armed Forces in general, and nuclear weapons in particular, extremely well. So, I wouldn’t base any conclusions re: nuclear weapons on Khruschev’s opinions. The world is drifting towards exclusion of nuclear weapons out of real warfare considerations it is inevitable. Conflict and (sometimes) its violent resolution are the part of human nature and, unless we are talking about radical change in human nature, it will remain such for a very long time. With that comes the necessity for war, the war cannot be fought by nuclear weapons, hence, the slow process of delegitimization of nuclear weapons. This is in a nutshell, the impetus behind this process, the reality, of course, is far more complex. The evolution (well, revolution) of the conventional warfare will inevitably degrade (it is already in progress)the role of the nuclear weapons. How, that is another question.

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