Top Ten Digg Dugg Top Ten Lists

Ready kids? Here are the Top Ten Top Ten Lists Dugg on Digg. (Or, perhaps better put: Top Ten Top Ten Whores on Digg.)

10. Lifehacker’s Top Ten USB Thumb Drive Tricks

9. Top Ten Largest Databases in the World

8. Top Ten Orgasmic Positions for Women

7. Top Ten Reasons Geeks Make Good Fathers

6. Top Ten Most Unusual Buildings

5. Top Ten Accidental Discoveries

4. Top Ten Geek Quotes … Plus More

3. Top Ten Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time

2. Top Ten Firefox Extensions to Improve Your Productivity

1. Top Ten Child Actresses From 80s TV Shows [Who] Grew Up To Be Hotties

Getting sick of it yet? I am; so sick of it that I’m hoping someone will include my list in their Top Ten, so the universe can implode.

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