Trip Logistical Summary

Start date: October 18, 2006
Terminus: April 1, 2007

Miles (total): ~19,750
Miles (air): ~11,600
Miles (train): ~2,378
Miles (auto): ~5,772

Countries: 11
US States: 20

Mileage and Speed Statistics
Top air speed: ~600 mph
Top train speed: ~200 mph
Top land speed: 142 mph (somewhere around here)

Automobile Trivia
Tires consumed or destroyed: 4
Oil consumed: ~10 gallons (mostly Mobil1 0W40)
Gasoline consumed: ~350 gallons
Collisions: 0
Scrapes, scratches, dents: 3
Animals struck: 2 (1 dead Georgia puma pup; 1 stunned but otherwise seemingly OK Big Bend jackrabbit)

Lodging Statistics and Random Trivia
Hotel nights: ~150
All-nighters: ~10

Law Enforcement Encounters
Border passport checks: ~10
US Immigrations and Customs roadblocks / Checks: ~5
Police stops: 4 (all US)
Friendly police stops: 3 (all were US automobile stops)
Speeding citations: 2 (both in Arizona within 72 hours of one another; one paid, one dismissed)
Hostile police stops: 1
Civil rights violations by the Bexar County Sheriff: 1

Physical Health
Broken digits: 1
Cases of food poisoning: 1
Moments when I actually, literally thought I was going to die: 0

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