US Appeals Court: School Strip Search of Thirteen Year Old Girl Legit

200mg, 50 Caplets

The Court felt her Constitutional rights were shit, because it was possible that she might be hiding Advil. Writing for the majority (and scripting another step in our descent into civil liberties hell), Judge Richard Clifton said that there was “good reason to be extra vigilant” in looking for drugs. Story here.

In similar developments, pick up that cake, “nappy-head”.

UPDATE: Ninth Circuit overturns the lower court decision – but by only one vote.  Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw writing for the majority:

“Directing a 13-year-old girl to remove her clothes, partially revealing her breasts and pelvic area, for allegedly possessing ibuprofen, an infraction that poses an imminent danger to no one, and which could be handled by keeping her in the principal’s office until a parent arrived or simply sending her home, was excessively intrusive…”

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