US Supreme Court Rules on Entheogens

Over the years, I have argued vehemently against the War on Some Drugs. To the specific issue of psychedelics and cognitive liberty, I think the criminalization of psychedelics is a war on a certain way of thinking. Many people use psychedelics in a sacred way, as part of a deeply personal journey of spiritual discovery. This threatens many who prescribe to more traditional ways of viewing the world and prefer having their spiritual beliefs prescribed to them in ready-made, clearly bounded, easy-to-digest ideological containers. I don’t think any way of thinking should have a monopoly, especially one that is codified into law. So long as you do not violate the rights of others, it should not be a crime to hunt for Truth, whatever your chosen path may be. At the very least, such exploration should not be an offense punishable by life in prison.

In that regard, it pleases me greatly that the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Bush Administration today on the spiritual use of an illicit substance, DMT.

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