Where are Bush’s advisors?

I really am stunned at the absolute tone deafness of the Bush administration. We know there are a lot of very smart people who work for the President. So, where are his political strategists?

In a bid to boost his image, they decided to send him down South again to empathize. Where did he go to shake hands and put his arms around “victims”? A Chevron refinery.

Mr. President, some advice from me:

1. Admit you screwed this up – and by “this”, I don’t just mean the new thing with Brownie, Katrina, the vacation, and such. By “this” I mean your perpetual cluelessness over the past six years, your cronyism, and your total disregard for any truly conservative ideals.

2. Appoint a strong, popular moderate Democrat to something really important and meaningful and with real power.

3. Speak to the media with more frequency and fewer scripts. I know it’s scary for you, but it’s scary for us when we see that frightened kid-in-his-first-school-play expression on your face every time you get in front of a camera and struggle to read through something. If you’re going to fumble over words, at least fumble over your own.

4. Act like a leader. Don’t ask your advisors if you can go to the bathroom, for example.

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