Who loses? Volvo loses.

Now, granted, if I’d really loved the S60R the way I loved the S4, this issue might not have stopped me from purchasing one, even from dealers who were as numb as knobs. However, per my earlier post about the fact that e-mailing Volvo seemed to be a black hole, I thought that in fairness to Volvo, apparently they do indeed have at least one person who can use a computer. Unfortunately he appears to be powerless, clueless, and with no desire to repair any reputational damage.

Granted, my initial note is a bit snotty, but I started off pissed and didn’t bother to share in the feedback form that I’d actually gone into Boston Volvo and left my name, e-mail address, and that I wanted to drive a 2005 S60R and still didn’t hear back.

The thread between “Volvo Bob” and I can be found in the extended entry. Bottom-to-top, o’course.

—–Original Message—–
From: Anthony Citrano
To: New, Volvo (.)

>We do appreciate your feedback.

I can tell.


— “New, Volvo (.)” wrote:

Thanks again. We do appreciate your feedback.

Drive Safely

Bob Bradley
Volvo Personal Shopper

—–Original Message—–
From: Anthony Citrano
To: New, Volvo (.)

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the note. I ultimately decided on an Audi S4. While I
the S4 to be a better car, I admit a considerable part of the reason
Volvo was lower on my list was the total unresponsiveness of your
dealers (specifically Dalzell and Boston Volvo) even when I went into
the dealers in person and left contact information with them.

I’m amazed these guys sell cars at all – but perhaps they are focused
higher volume/lower ticket – and that type of customer – but the fact
that I was fairly aggressive in trying to secure more information about
your highest ticket sedan (most people would have given up much
sooner) and still was basically ignored stunned me.


— “New, Volvo (.)” wrote:

> Dear Mr. Citrano,
> We apologize, of course, that your emails were not responded to and
> are taking action to prevent that from happening in the future. We
> also
> thank you for contacting Volvo and advising us of this problem. In
> case
> you haven’t purchased or leased your new vehicle, please let us know
> and
> we will be happy to assist you.
> Once again, we apologize for this unfortunate situation and thank you
> again for taking the time to contact Volvo.
> Drive Safely
> Bob Bradley
> Volvo Personal Shopper
> 1-800-458-1552
> Volvo R Feedback:
> from: Anthony Citrano
> email: TheGuy@yahoo.com
> comments:
> I think it’s really cool how Dalzell Volvo and Boston Volvo
> (both of the Boston area) do not return my multiple
> e-mail queries. What a great way to sell cars.
> Ah well, they lose.

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