Why I’m Not Telling You Who Violent Acres Is

Last week, I received two tips about Violent Acres, the notorious blogger whom I discussed a while back. Earlier, I incorrectly speculated that she was a man – based mostly on her misogynistic geeky left-brained diatribes. I think she is a decent writer and have found a lot in her pieces to agree with.

The tipsters purported to tell me who Violent Acres was – by name, location and occupation. They claimed to have technical information to back up their assertions. One tip was an e-mail, and the other was posted shortly thereafter as a comment to my older post on the subject. I unpublished that comment for obvious reasons – perhaps the most important being (if it was wrong) I did not want an innocent bystander to get sucked into the serious shitstorm that would have followed. She has upset a lot of people. And, in the shadow of the absurd Kathy Sierra controversy, folks are getting way too serious about this stuff. True or not, though, I did not want this blog to be the source.

Ever the curious bird, however, I contacted the woman whom the tipsters claimed was the real Violent Acres.

The responses I received – as well as the additional sniffing around I did – has me fairly convinced that the named woman is indeed Violent Acres. In the context of what I learned, I had a brief moment or two when I felt like I had a bona fide ethical dilemma. It seemed interesting and newsy and worth publishing because to know who she is – and how that fits into those angry pieces she writes – is heartbreaking. How it might explain so much, I thought, and in all the ways her readers would never expect.

At the end of the day, though, it’s not my place. But, as you’ll probably see, it is news.

Of course, I may be wrong, like I was about the man thing.

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