Writer’s Block: Things to Read

I’m posting just to post something, I owe y’all one. A big thing on my mind right now is the US Presidency, and the sad truth that the current officeholder will inevitably be seen as the worst and most damaging in history – that is, if the nation makes it far enough to see it in the rearview mirror. The odds of impeachment rose this week considerably. The Republican Party is in serious danger already – and I think the party may well abandon this administration (that is, do the morally right thing) in order to preserve itself in 2008 and beyond. There seems to be a revolt within the party against the WH and its neocons – especially among young emerging party leaders – and that’s probably the only thing that is capable of keeping the party alive. Not that I care.

But anyway, a little reading for you .. TSA about as effective as any sensible human would expect. But we knew this years ago with the FAA Red Team stuff back in ’03, right kids? Once you’ve read that, read this (thanks Christine).

With pals like us, does Britain really need enemies?

Common sense about the Imus stupidity. Bravo, Jason – I tried to drop you a note but your e-mail bounced: “Mailbox Full” – a sure sign you did something right.

I am loving my new space, getting settled. Reaching out to friends and contacts in the area. Starting in on a couple of work/business projects to pay the bills. Working on structuring my writing more seriously (ha!). Setting up some of the space for studio and planning some real shoots (finally.) Bought some artwork during a a recent walk on the Venice Boardwalk, and they’ll be on the wall shortly. While looking for art online, stumbled across this gallery and was stuck in there for quite a while.

There is a Rottweiler next door that is neglected in a cage and barks … a lot.

I’ve been learning about the “winds of Satan”; there were 70+ MPH gusts in LA yesterday and I could smell smoke driving around over in West LA. Overall, the weather has been awesome – warm, sunny days followed by cool nights with a crisp breeze off the Pacific. Watching the sun set over the ocean is a new and wonderful experience.

Have been reading about Scientology and wondering if I would dare to write an article about them.

I’ve officially given up on Lindsay Lohan … America’s Next Top Model is pathetic, but I still watch (VH1’s The Agency is better.) On ANTM, Renee Alway is my fave – quite hot, especially considering she’s squeezed out a puppy. Let’s hear it for those low-fat cigarettes she’s been on since the baby. But, nappy-headed Brittany will win. She’s the “Cover-Girl-Display-in-Wal-Mart” material the show seeks … And what can I say about Britney Spears except one of my favorite expressions: I told you, folks. I willingly accept my share of the blame for her awesome blowout, but wow, it was worth the price of admission. And what does Tori think? Umm.. she’s channeling now? Oh, and this news about The Cure is a lil’ depressing.

That’s it for now…

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